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If you are thinking or even have plans to go to Office 365 then this tool might come in VERY handy.

Come and get it (if you want it that is).

Huh...I can see using this at night.

Pretty simple to do BUT you need to make a couple of REGISTRY changes so, if you are uncomfortable with working with the Registry this might not be for you. The cool thing about this REGHACK is it works with Windows 7/8/10. SWEET!

Huh...checking it out now. I especially like that you can move games between drives with the click of a button. kidding. Guess you holdouts better upgrade. 

Love to get my "learn on"!

My wife was asking me about this software since her company wants to put their ORG Charts in Sharepoint for easier editing and make it access based for just those in her organization.

Some very cool tricks here. I had no idea you could do some of the things this article shows you how to do.

Ya know, I was just as curious as I'm sure you all are. What DOES happen? Let's find out.

I was JUST called and asked how one could recover a licensing key for an OEM Windows install and I said "oh...use Magic Jelly Bean Finder."

For all you small to medium businesses, this is an option you really might want to consider.

This was just cute. I liked it.

Well now, time to get "my learn" on. I love stuff like this. Digging deep into the underbelly of the beast known as Microsoft.

Now this has to be the most interesting design of a router I have ever seen. 

I like this one. I can see this happening. 

After last weeks security update I'm sure this addresses other issues users of VirtualBox will want to get installed ASAP.