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Welp, glad I exchanged my phone this past week.

Im so bumbed. My first was a Note 4. Hurry up and show me the 8.

Well...that's it. The Note line for this year is dead. Some are saying this is it for this year.

So, this is one of those spreadsheets any Admin who works with GPO's needs to have on hand.

No kidding. Damn...paint has grown up a bit. Holy cow!

I think some folks will find this enticing. I really have to think about trading in my Note 7. I am SO pissed about this! I love the phone but I cannot have it catching fire on me.

So, I put this up not to tell everyone to do this but more as a troubleshooting method which I had to enable to get iTunes to work correctly. 

I am evaluating it now. Looks pretty damn good so far. 

Took a quick peek. They are really nice.

Not a big VR guy (tried it, eh....) but my son's dig it and I'm sure a lot of folks want to know more especially on the PS Platform. 

This article is something all SMB's should read. The licensing changes alone should be understood fully! 

I use a RAM disk for my browser cache as it makes my extended browking session faster. That said, I know what the limites are know how it works. If you are interested in setting up a RAM Disk know what the limitations are and how they work.

Here we go! Apple is doing the old MS trick. Pre-load and then install.

I have to see about this.

This is going to be interesting. I really wish they would stick with the current update cycle and method. Very easy to install and then uninstall if necessary.

Damn! Google now does phones! Huh.

Just signed up for mine!