win 10 creators ud cornerNeed to get ready for the Windows 10 Creators update? - Click here!

Not a fan of the Edge browser myself but a lot of people are and with the recent enhancements from the Creators Update the "Reading" aspect has been enhanced even further.

I love how Microsoft is embracing Open Source with Windows 10. The Windows 10 Creators update expands this integration even further.

So, it seems we are headed back to WW II in the next Call of Duty which I am very happy to hear. The space ones...well...they were good but not what made COD great.

Only 15 hours left so if you want one you better hurry!

Download away!

Is it me or does it sound like every computer on the planet is infected? Lordy!

Honestly, I was wondering about that. Now I know and so do you.

My wife has Bose wireless headphones. Wonder if she knows about this? like the old "Service Packs". Nice.

Oh my lord this is a bad one!

Don't complain about the "open box" issue. For 22.19 this is a TERRIFIC backup DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem you can just put in the closet for the inevitable cable modem failure.

Huh! Even I had no idea on "PV" command. Very cool though.

Ruh-Roh. Sounds like I need to make sure the "lady" is enabled.

Clean and it made me giggle.

If what happened to United this past week is not the best example that it "comes in threes", then I don't know what is.

I wanted to wish ALL of those who celebrate Easter, well...a Happy Easter! Below is a bit of Wikipedia for all who might not know what all this Easter stuff is about. And, for those who do, even I learned a thing two off this Wikipedia Page. 

WOW! You better hurry up and upgrade! 

Not to worry...that Mighty Microsoft has already taken care of the hacks and delivered fixes to all those who actually patch.