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So, as you all know I am not a fan of any Malware writer but I do have to give props where props are due. I mean, come on....Fireball Malware...even you have to admit that's a cool name.

This is a terrific page MS has that allows you to get every update for every OS (even 2003!).

Welp, as the song says... "and another one bites the dust."

I am truly thinking about doing this with the ASUS card mentioned (after it's released). I would LOVE 4 M.2 in a RAID!

So, let me get this straight. If I order something from Walmart I now have to wait for Bob the Door Greeter to: 

It's here. National Donut Day, a day devoted to getting your hands on a free donut, has arrived -- and some of the biggest names in treats are celebrating with special giveaways. 

Some of the best utilities on the Internet and all free. I LOVE the Blue Screen Viewer! 

With so many people being hit by the latest "WannaCry" (new versions are appearing almost daily) this tool might be something you want to have on hand.

Every once in a while, I throw-up a piece of software or utility for a specific set of folks.

So, yesterday I was having an issue with the website (and still do today but I **think** I fixed it). It was part broken plug-in and an SQL issue. 

This is a terrific article for those who are in need of another "disk\partition" on your system and have at least two disks to work with. Step-by-step folks.

My family uses the iPhone mostly (I'm an Android guy) and I think I'll pass this article onto them. Even I found some of these tips and tricks useful. I'm going to try a couple of them on my iPad. Not sure if they'll work but, it's worth a shot.

I happen to use a LOT of VM's in my daily work and I have multiple VM's for testing and study purposes.

And on the heels of "WannaCry" comes this little jewel. Remember, all my fellow IT folks, it's been PROVEN beer is better than Tylenol for pain relief.

Huh...just the idea of being able to turn boring data (we've all had to sit through that Power Point presentation) into something "GIFFY" that moves and has the capacity to put us all into a trance until that tick-tock strikes 5:00, might be worth a look.

This is actually a pretty cool little trick and I had no idea MS was still including the old icons in Windows 10. I changed my CMD icon to the OLD DOS Icon. Love it! 

I would love to get a Surface Pro but, the fact remains, the one I want is WAY to expensive for me.