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Who the hell are you folks?

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Q - Describe your website?
A - We're the corner bar on your block of the Internet.

Q – Why do you call your podcasts: STS?
A – Well, after all the starts and stops of the PC, people were just getting to busy to really do a standard PC so I just decided to start holding a weekly 'Shoot the S****' session with my family and buddies and we just talk like men talk. No real agenda to follow, but a bunch of hot air does seem to make it out of our mouths!

Q - Who are the folks who do the podcast with you?
A - No idea... they just kept showing up at the "bar" and I finally had to "hire" them they were there so much. After a little while I got to know them.

Here's who stops by from time to time....

- Dustin D. Dracoules - (my youngest) - 19 y/o - Navy Advanced Warfare Trained - I had to let him join. He can now kick my ass with his pinky. - Podcasts: (Gaming Mancast and Mancast Tech Podcast)

- David Jr. Dracoules - (my eldest) - 26 y/o Air Force Trained... something (like...secret shit or something) - Had to let him join also as he knows where "the bodies are buried." - Podcasts: (Gaming Mancast and Mancast Tech Podcast)

- Lauren Dracoules - my daughter and the true gem in my eye. My daughter is currently a Jr. at George Mason University (GMU) and is just now starting to realize that podcasts are actually kinda fun and she will be here from time to time (she also works a pretty decent amount of hours, mostly scheduled mid-day so she cannot make it most of the time... but does stop by).

- Barney - Old like me - R.N. going for his PHD in Idiots thus the reason he hangs out with us. I think we're a new "gen" pool for him to study. - Podcasts: (Mancast Tech Podcast)

- "The Tod" - Younger than Barney and I but has lived about as much life in those years and Barney and I have. Tod's here to do intermittent radio checks with his mic. He's also a Systems Admin for Joseph Farms here in Northern California. He has a VERY unique network setup and we LOVE having him tell about what's going on in the "real world" of Windows. - Podcasts: (Gaming Mancast and Mancast Tech Podcast)

- Nia - she's 12, "The Tods" daughter - I have known Nia, almost since birth. She is a truly knowledgeable young lady who can game with the BEST of them in her age class and LOVES (I mean like... a LOT!) LOVES Assassin's Creed (like all of them...) - Nia makes and occasional appearance (like when Dad day's she can!, or if she has a gaming question we will put it to the entire crew). - Podcasts: (Gaming Mancast and Mancast Tech Podcast as appropriate)

Q - How come you guys don't have any ad's on your site?
A - Non left... Neowin and Anadad took them all! Na... JC... we just don't like them. I hate ads but... they will be making an appearance with the new site. We're just trying to work out how to display them.

Q - How come the podcast just stops sometimes? Sounds like you had to go and run an errand?
A - Nope... bathroom breaks.

Q - Can I advertise on your website?
A - Yes... please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q - Can I advertise on your website if I make it "worth your while?"
A - Yep.... for mula... we do not accept monopoly money however.

Q - So, let me get this straight ... you run a pretty decent website, but you have no ads so you pay for this yourself?
A - Yep... that's why Ads are coming with the new site. It's getting very expensive to keep you all informed and laughing.

Q - How can your fans get ahold of you?
A - Um... well... you can write to me at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (that will come to me and I will send it off to whomever).

Q - How old are you?
A - Not to old but old enough to have been in the IT business for 18 years.

Q - use to be a pure tech news site? Why the change?
A - Truly because tech news is BORING as hell. I REALLY wanted to design a site that was informative, fun, entertaining, and truly merged out world into one cool looking site.

Anymore questions? Oh… a couple more?

Q – Is this a “family oriented site?”
A – Ummmm… we try but, if pressed, I would have to say we’re more like the Osborne’s. Just not as “f-wordy”… most of the time.

Q - How long have you been running this site?
A - A long, long, really long time. We have been around (under different names mind you) since 1997.

Later - Dig (Sr.)

Da Boss!

Website: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.