20 Sep 2014

Ya know what? Getting sick sucks!

I have been fighting this disease for some time now and this past week was just HORRIBLE!

13 May 2014

Everyone wonders why I speak so highly of FIOS.

11 May 2014

Well, it's been quite a week.

I believe you all know I was in a pretty bad car accident a little over a week ago and I 'thought' I had 'walked away. Well...

It seems I had some swelling in my spine which sorta snuck up on me and forced me, not only down, but also into a very painful spinal injection procedure. I can't BELIEVE the size of the needle my Dr. used.

Anyway, that happened this past week and I had to stay down for a couple of days so the stuff they injected could do there job and I have to say, today it seems it's starting to work!

So, I'll be back on the site later today or tomorrow.

What a week...

Later - Dig

01 May 2014

Welp, this was my morning! How as yours?

Yeah, the new Mustang is toast! F****!

A dump truck was in the HOV lane and decided to preform a right turn into dead stopped traffic taking out three cars and moving us (no joke) a full lane over. That's how fast and how hard he hit us.

They had to cut my right door off and the roof of my car and extract me on a back board.

F*** I'm sore.

That said, other than some lacerations from all the glass, a hell of a headache, and neck and back pain, I 'walked' away from it.

Mr. Mustang, thank you! You saved my life this AM.

Check out the pictures below if you want to see what it was like for me.


Glad to be Alive - Digital

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