Connectify Switchboard Kickstarter Program - Closed! But...

Well, the folks over at, the makers of the highly anticipated Switchboard program have pulled the plug on their Kickstart program but, don't dispare something good came out of it, kinda like those pharmaceutical companies who discovered Viagra... that product came to be by accident.

It seems they had a terrific idea but the home networking and Enterprise folks wanted the program to morph into a different type of program and that's a home or enterprise based VPN client and server!

Now, I was part of the beta for this program but I was not notifed of this change until I tried to logon and the software didn't work. I was going to email the folks at but then found an email about the new program which I am going to share with you all:


We've decided to cancel funding for our latest Switchboard Kickstarter just one short week into the campaign. Don’t worry though, this is a good thing and here’s why...

Our inbox has been buzzing the past few days and we’ve received an enormous amount of interest from three distinct groups of people - individuals that need an easy, fast, and secure personal VPN, businesses that want an enterprise quality solution for faster and more reliable Internet, and, finally, massive carriers who say they can run the network of speed servers cheaper and better than we can. Many of the companies wanted to support us, but could not give to a Kickstarter campaign.


With Switchboard we can help all of these people - but in each of these cases, our backers want to run their own Switchboard Servers, either at home, at the office, or in a data center instead of always connecting through ours in the cloud.

This is ultimately awesome news for you. Since Switchboard will now use your own home PC with high-speed Internet as a server, we won’t have to roll out our own cloud servers as anticipated, and when it comes down to it, we don’t need Kickstarter to launch the product! And, with your own Switchboard Personal Server running at home, you’ll now also enjoy Switchboard as the fastest and easiest-to-setup VPN available. Using Switchboard as a VPN will secure your traffic on untrusted public hotspots, let you look like you’re “at home” when travelling internationally so you can still watch Netflix, and enjoy remote access to your home or office files, all with the blazing fast speeds of our channel bonding technology. From the sounds of it, this is exactly what you want.

But, here’s the best part: Not only will the product be bigger and better, but given the new scope of the project, we’re now able to start offering access to Connectify Switchboard right now! When you purchase Switchboard today, not only do you get immediate access to the product, but you'll get to interact with developers to shape the final product, and enjoy a Lifetime of Support and Upgrades. And, remember, since we’re cancelling our Kickstarter campaign, if you backed already your card will not be charged. By purchasing Switchboard now, you get a beta version of the software today. It's a win-win!

To buy the Switchboard Beta, visit:

So, as you can see the program is still going but in a new direction.

I would love to bring you news and updates on this program but it looks like I have removed from the beta so... if you want more... sign-up for the program yourself and you will get all the info you need!



Da Boss!

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