Your Leap Motion Controller has shipped! Daves First Few Days On The Job!

Oh thank the technology gods! It's SHIPPED! I cannot wait to see how this thing does on my home PC and my laptops. I am so excited! This is one of those items that can really make the PC something cool and something more than just a keyboard and a mouse. It has the capability to make it really something cool.

As soon as I get it, I will do a review on it.


So... the new!

As with any new job you have to spend the first few days like a dear caught in a headlight as all the new info you have to absorb is just...crazy!

You all know what I'm speaking of:

- How do I login to my PC? Really?

- How much is the coffee? It's FREE! I love you!

- What do you mean I have to park a mile away and take a shuttle? 

- I have to use WHAT to login? My employee what? Why not my name? Yeah... I have trouble spelling it also. Sorry.

- Do I get a mouse? Oh, you already gave me one? Did I already lose it? HEY! WHO TOOK MY MOUSE?

- What's the wireless password? Really? That long? I'll never remember that. Can you write that down for me?

- I HAVE TO WEAR PANTS (inside joke for my family and previous employers).

- Time card! I don't need no stinking time card! What? I won't get paid? So... what's the URL again? I'm going to add that to my bookmarks.

- My boss swears. I love him.

So... that's my first few days. How was yours? I bet it was not as fun as mine!

Oh, and before I forget I believe we WILL be doing a podcast tomorrow (I have to verify that with the guys) and we WILL be speaking about the 'drunk unrial' which I have posted on the site. It's really a cool idea and I hope it gets more visibility here and is brought to the states!

Well, back to work folks. I have a Lync server that needs my attention! 



Da Boss!

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