A Digital Dave Update and Babble.

So I'm sitting here watching a re-run of the Notre Dame and Arizona game from yesterday and I thought a update was in order so you all knew what was going on. I have no idea how in the hell I made the connection of a site update to a College football game but, I did.

First off my Health: Yes, it has affected the site a bit and unfortunately I have had to spend a hell of A LOT of time in Dr's offices this past year but thankfully I have found a couple of REALLY good Dr's who are looking at my condition in a different way. The 5 car pile-up I was in this past May didn't help anything at all, as a matter of fact it probably exacerbated my condition a bit.

That said, I can say this past Friday I went an saw a new Neurologist who FLAT OUT told me what was wrong with me! So much so, he pulled a book down from his shelf, had his nurse copy a paragraph and then handed it to me and said: "Tell your Dr. to inject the nerve here. He is not to cut it!". I looked down at the paper and read it like I was reading scripture from the Lord himself. I read what he handed me and looked up at the Dr. and for the FIRST TIME in 4 years I truly thought, no... I actually KNEW I finally had a diagnosis that fit! It described exactly what was wrong with me! I could not believe it! It was so exact as to what I had been dealing with I damn near cried (no joke). It was the perfect diagnosis! I have had SO many procedures. So many XRAYS. So many injections and pokes over the last 4 years and everyone of them was wrong! WRONG! So, this week (hopefully) one of the main issues I have been dealing with FINALLY be dealt with. At least to a point where I can have an injection when needed and this flipping nerve will FINALLY calm the hell down! YES! 

The site: Well, as I go the site goes. I get so uncomfortable at times I cannot sit for any length of time. I HAVE to move around. My wife thinks it's a "hyper activity" disorder (it's not... it's a have to move disorder) and when I've had a tough day I get home and believe it or not, I have to lay down for about an hour and let things calm down a bit and then I get bored and have to go and "putter" around the house or the yard. Hopefully, after I get the injection I need all of this will calm the hell down and I can finally get back into my normal routine. I'm telling ya... it has been a VERY tough year. Can't wait for 2015!!!

Study Time: One of the goals I have set for myself is to get my Advanced Exchange certification and Windows 2012 R2 Server cert in the next 6 months. I have been studying like crazy over the last month or so (sometimes having a crappy condition allows for some SERIOUS study time!) and I really want to get my current certs. It's just something I need to do and want on my wall. I love Microsoft and all the technology it brings to the table and more it stuffs into it's OS the more I want to know what's tucked in the "dark corners" of the OS (Powershell, AD Updates, Group Policy changes, ADSITE link, etc...)... GOD I LOVE THAT STUFF! So... it's important to me to get that done. I know a lot about a lot when it comes to Windows and Exchange and File Servers, and AD and all that but I don't know it ALL! I want to know it all! I want to be so good at installing and then managing Windows and all the components which connect to it that I produce Windows Server Babies! YES I SAID WINDOWS BABIES!

Okay... I'll stop taking meds and typing...

Anyway, it's been a hell of a year. I think I have a really good shot at getting one of the most problematic issues I deal with day in and day out dealt with and also get my study on. I'm hoping for a hell of a good 2015 and if it all works out as I hope it will, the site will settle back into a "normal mode".

Oh, Podcasts... look we'll do those when we can. Winter is on the way where I am (damn near froze to death yesterday when I was out trimming the bushes) and all of my summer plants decided to commit suicide over the past week (It was SO weird! They just up and died!) so this will allow me to not run outside ofter a long day at work and enjoy a hot summers day. I can now come inside and get a podcast ready for the week. Trust me, all of you who have to deal with Winter know of what I speak. When Spring shows up... you refuse to come in! It's a LONG Winter folks! It really is!

So, an update for you all. I hope you all have a hell of a good week and a TREMENDOUS football Sunday!



Da Boss!

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