Happy 4th Everyone!

Happy 4th Everyone! 

Lordy... have the last two weeks been NUTS! 

I have transfered from one division from within my company almost back to where I started 20 years ago! Yep! I'm back putting together projects from the ground up! 

It's nice to be back in the "s***" as I call it. Empty shells of a building being transformed into fully functional call centers or small to medium businesses that need some serious help getting up and running. 

I did this kind of work for 10 years before transferring to engineering. I loved being and engineer but now I get to go back and engineering from the ground up which I just love to do. I get to travel for most of my jobs which is pretty cool. I love them there airline miles and hotel rewards which pay off with one hell of a vacation next year for the wife and I. 

So, I'm back in town now. I was in Texas for about a week and then had to come back and setup a bunch of MAC's for the exec's (white glove and all...) so I missed the second week in Texas which, by the way has the BEST BBQ I have ever had! PROPS to the HARD 8 folks! Man... that was some sausage!!!! 

So, I'll get some of the posts up I have been saving. We didn't have a working network in Texas until last week. 

Happy 4th to all! I hope you all get to play with Fireworks and the like until the early hours of the morning! 



Da Boss!

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