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Wow! What a year so far.

I wanted to step in here and let you all know the site will be a bit slower than normal over the next couple of months.

I think you all know I have a spinal disease which has been hampering me for the last few years. 

It's now gotten to the point where all the medical stuff in the world cannot help the pain I am in so the one last shot I have is to have a pain pump "installed" in my belly that seeds a non-stop dose of pain meds directly into my spine. Yep! We're going there!

Over the last couple of months I have had loads of doctors tell me "this be it. Nothing more we can do." So... to get my life back to some extent I had a "trial" pain pump installed and boy is that some amazing medication! If you ever have the chance to have morphine pumped into your spine 7x24-365, I HIGHLY recommended it. Damn that was some fine medication! It really helped me get back on my feet for the week I had it. Remember, that was the trial. The state I am in requires a trial first and if it works (which it did) THEN you can have the permanent one placed.

Now that I know it works, we're moving forward with the permanent pain pump insertion in Sept.

BUT, that's not all folks. Oh no! I decided to complicate my life even more! Why? Cause that's what I seem to do!.

So, while I had the pain pump in it masked some of the pain I have been having in my left knee. It wasn't all that bad (or so I thought).

One day I was getting into my car to get some food and I felt a "pop" in my left knee. Holy Jesus did that hurt! But, I was still hungry, the pain died down to a low roar and off to Taco Bell I went.

I got home and tried to walk on it and nada. Zero weight in the old left knee. I still thought it was a bad sprain so I hobbled into the the house and ate my Taco Bell! I was really hungry.

The next day, well... the bruising and the bleeding showed up and I said to myself: " really sprained it!" Ice, elevation, etc... no worries. I'll be back by Monday.

That Sunday I decided "ya know... I should probably head to the ER." so I did. They put me in a BIG splint and the Dr. sent me to a Ortho Dr. He ordered some tests. Last week I had the tests completed which, unbeknownst to me, included a Radiologist, three very large needs, and loads of dye and radiation. If you EVER have the chance to have three VERY large needles and 30 CC's of stuff injected into your knee... I HIGHLY recommend you cut right to the surgery. HOLY JESUS did that hurt! WOW!

After the procedure I looked at the last picture of the xray and noted some of the tendons were missing. Yep. Blew the left knee out completely. Now I have pain, swelling, and all kinds of clicking in the knee which has limited me quite a bit. I'm still not sure why they needed THREE needles shoved into my knee to inject some dye to just tell me "uh....your knee is toast dude!" Man that hurt! No joke. 

I'm not really sure what they want to do just yet as I JUST had the knee procedure last Thursday. So... do I get it scoped? Do they open it up and repair the entire knee? No idea yet but I'm hoping to find that out this coming week.

Yep...quite a year so far.

The next couple of months will be challenging for me. I will be around the best that I can.

I hope everybody else is having a better year than I am. Maybe 2017 will be better. Less body parts left to tear and ache.

Later - Dave.

Da Boss!

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