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So… I’m back from three weeks of partying, building a new Windows 10 box, and of course sick as a dog.

So as you all know I am a Microsoft MVP and every once in a while we get some pretty cool stuff from our MVP lead. I was just sent some pretty cool direct links to some of the Windows 10 stuff some of you might be interested in. 

Happy 4th Everyone!

Happy 4th Everyone! 
Lordy... have the last two weeks been NUTS! 

Bo and Jazz...The Cats.

Do you like cats? I love them. 

Humbled....Thank you Microsoft... even dozen!
I received word yesterday that I had been awarded my 12th consecutive MVP award in the Technical Pro area. This is INSANE!

It's been a LONG TIME COMING! But... it's here...

Well, since I had such a rough night post my Dr. visit yesterday (I've been up since like 4:30 am) I decided I wanted to get some of the hard stuff done on the site.

More Site Updates (Hell... I thought I was done!)

Well, I thought I was done but I guess not. I was up into the weeeeeee (and I mean weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hours) of the morning last night, coughing, wheezing, and overall being sick ass hell.

Babble and Stuff....

So, as you can tell I am playing around with some new templates I have accrued.

Man... what a couple of days!

So yesterday was a FUN DAY!
I awoke to my phone buzzing like crazy! Someone was REALLY trying to get a hold of me.

A Digital Dave Update and Babble.

So I'm sitting here watching a re-run of the Notre Dame and Arizona game from yesterday and I thought a update was in order so you all knew what was going on. I have no idea how in the hell I made the connection of a site update to a College football game but, I did.