25 Jun 2013

Man... What a weekend!

I have been... humbled... by the response to my resume. I literally have the blown away with the number of calls and emails I have received and that's the main reason the site has been a tad bit slow lately and I have to thank Tod for stepping in and getting some articles up.

Yesterday I had back, to back, to back interviews which was... crazy, but fun.

The interviews were all different ranging from a Government IT position all the way to a non-profit with the department of Education. It's so strange the range of jobs that have come out of the wood work that people think my resume fits in. I had three internal recruiters call me for the job I applied for and said, 'ya know... I have this other job you might be interested in' and then try and talk me into interviewing for that job.

15 Jun 2013

So, I was sitting here wondering about Father's Day tomorrow and I thought came into my head: is Father's Day as important as Mother's Day?

Ha ha Ha!!! Let's not get silly Dave!

I don't think people look at Father's Day is important as Mother's Day because we all love our moms so much. They were the ones that hugged us, and kissed us, and patched are boo-boos, and were the ones we ran to when we needed that emotional support.

11 Jun 2013

If you happened to be tied up with all the E3 stuff yesterday (and seriously, who wasn't) and happened to miss the Apple conference, you can watch it on Apples website now.

Check it out here...

08 Jun 2013

Typical... my wife and I 'heard' this was a good series and with it being summer we decided to record it. Of course we recorded season 6 (which **might** be the end of the show... NO!) and were BLOWN away!

LOVING the 6th season we decided we needed to know how it all had lead up to the amazing conclusion (?) of the series and began at season 1 of this series and now are on season 3.Gripping, heart stopping, eye opening, and one of those series that just when you think it's about to take a lull... it hits you right square in the head as it did last night with us in the shocking ending of season 3 episode titled "4". Holy boogers! Once again, didn't see that coming!

Now you might think this is just a cop series and it's not. My wife LOVES this series as much as I do. As a matter of fact, she is the one who recommends we watch it when she's had enough of my other cop shows.

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