12 Aug 2013

This has never happened to me before. NEVER. 

So... yesterday, I went to lay down (my back was killing me) and I came back from my siesta and my PC was off. I was like 'WTF Mr. PC?' 

So, I thought it was a power thing and I rebooted it. No prompt for a BIOS re-set, no prompt to go into safe mode...nothing. So I thought it was a PC Ghost and carried on. The PC re-booted, got to the desktop and promptly turned off! 


19 Jul 2013

Oh thank the technology gods! It's SHIPPED! I cannot wait to see how this thing does on my home PC and my laptops. I am so excited! This is one of those items that can really make the PC something cool and something more than just a keyboard and a mouse. It has the capability to make it really something cool.

As soon as I get it, I will do a review on it.


04 Jul 2013

WOW! What a week! 

This week started out with 2 interviews but ended up with 4! I was running around from my house to DC, to Reston, to Alexandria, to a phone interview. I am really tired but very thankful for the opportunity to be interviewing with such top companies! No joke folks. I landed interviews with some VERY large companies but at the same time I interviewed at 2 smaller companies which really does bring back some nostalgia for me as I really cut my teeth in the IT industry in the Start-Up world. It was a cool onsite and interview. 

Yesterday was the best day as I interviewed with a terrific company who needs an exchange admin and the hiring manager I interviewed with was just so cool (I have to do the rech pat of the interview next week) but I also spoke with one of the co-founders of Connectify.

25 Jun 2013

Man... What a weekend!

I have been... humbled... by the response to my resume. I literally have the blown away with the number of calls and emails I have received and that's the main reason the site has been a tad bit slow lately and I have to thank Tod for stepping in and getting some articles up.

Yesterday I had back, to back, to back interviews which was... crazy, but fun.

The interviews were all different ranging from a Government IT position all the way to a non-profit with the department of Education. It's so strange the range of jobs that have come out of the wood work that people think my resume fits in. I had three internal recruiters call me for the job I applied for and said, 'ya know... I have this other job you might be interested in' and then try and talk me into interviewing for that job.

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