14 Apr 2013

So, last night my wife setup a 'Family Night' with my Daughter, her boyfriend, me (duh...), and of course my wife.

We had Tony's East Coast pizza and I have to say, I **thought** I had pizza before but East Coast Pizza is SO GOOD! West Coast, you need to get to the East Coast and get some pizza! WOW!

Anyway, we settled down in the basement where we have a TV/Game Room setup with a HUGE TV, Sound Sound, Pool Table, etc...

We all sit, turn on the TV and... no sound! WHAT! After what we dropped on that system and no SOUND!

We must have spent 30 minutes trying to get sound from the system and then finally gave up. We moved upstairs to the family room where we have a pretty decent TV setup (sorta the wife's TV) and then fire-up the movie (again, selected by by Wife and Daughter).

They chose some Academy Award Nominated movie called Life of Pi.

Roll Eyes...

Academy Award Movie are like hemorrhoid surgery... painful.

Well, my wife said the review were really good so I settled into the couch and... I'll be dammed! She was right again! That movie was really good. I'm not going to blow it for anyone but, it has a nice twist at the end I really enjoyed and the special effects were OUTSTANDING! Avatar good!

So, it ended up being a really nice evening. The pizza was terrific, the movie was terrific and I got to lay on the couch for 2 hours with no one bothering me.

Damn nice evening you put together there baby!



19 Jan 2013

Hey All, 

First off, there will be no podcast today. (Sorry) 

My wife has the flu all week (like THE FLU) and I seem to have received via the flu gods my special version of it, hopefully only part of it. I have a hell of a sore throat and really feel like cat crap today. 

I also wanted to let you know I have updated the Facebook feed on the site to now include: 

- Digital Trends
- Tech Crunch
- Ford Mustang (yep... you read right!) 

I have also updated the video section, removing most of the video that was there since it was getting pretty stale. Our video feed now includes the following:

- Tech Crunch
- Microsoft Small Business (yep... they have a YouTube page)
- Newegg TV (love these folks)
- My Feed - DigitalDave65 (more videos are forth coming)
- CNET TV (they have some cool stuff to watch)
- Red Hat Video Feed (yep... for Barney... he loves this stuff)

Later... (cough, cough, sniffle, and... I did not just do that in my pants!) 


13 Jan 2013

Hello everyone…

I just wanted to give you guys an update to let you all know what's going on with the website real quick.

We had to disable our fancy pop-up viewing option because of the brand-new browsers which were released just this last week which are supporting brand-new rendering engines.

Both Chrome, and Firefox have brand-new engines running behind them and it seems to be causing some problems with the completion of the pop-up.

I have submitted a couple of bugs to the guys who do the code work behind our new template and they are currently looking at it.

We have gone back to a "blog view" in the meantime and to be honest, some people have actually emailed me saying they like this view better because they're using an older version of Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer Seven, which is currently not supported with our new pop-up style on the website.

I'll have more on this in today's podcast but for now I just wanted to let you all know what was going on. We will turn it back on once the issues have been fixed.

Thanks again for visiting...


Digital Dave

08 Jan 2013

So, I think most of you know I am a HUGE fan of the Guitar. I can't play it like EVH but I can...sorta... play. 

Now, one of the issues I have always has was I could not afford a massive setup with pedals, amps, etc... so I started to look at virtual devices I could use with my iPad 3 and this baby fits the bill. 

Not 'cheap' and not under 99.00 bucks but at 149.00 you get a pedal that can just about do it all AND you can still hook it to your amp or, if your wife tells you 'hey... it's to loud!" (nothing is to LOUD) you can use it with headphones! 

Check it out!

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