26 Nov 2015

Hello All!

I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be here this weekend doing some SERIOUS Black Friday shopping.

I already bought my XBOX One Holiday bundle today for $349.00 on Amazon (got the 1TB model)! I got all the Gear of War (plus beta access to the new one coming out) and a couple of other free games! It has the new controller (headphone jack which I am totally digging!). Now all I have to do is get my Madden 16 and my hockey game (hopefully over on Game Stop) and I'll be all set!

I hope you all have a terrific day and weekend and, may the shopping gods be with you!



15 Sep 2015

So… I’m back from three weeks of partying, building a new Windows 10 box, and of course sick as a dog.

Let’s start back in August.

I had a milestone B-Day this year and my wife took me to Ocean Bach which ended up being a blast! I’m not sure the hotel we paid for was worth the price we paid but it was really nice to be back at the beach again. Coming from California here in Virginia there is not to many beaches you can just drive to. From where I live it takes about 4 hours to get to a beach of any kind. Lots of Lakes but the beach is where it’s at.

So, for my BIG B-Day I decided I needed to build a new box. It has been about 3.5 years since I built a new box and it was time. My NVIDIA 690 was still chugging along but I was having some issues with some of the newer games stuttering and not playing as they should.

So, off to Newegg I went and I spec’d a new build for myself and my eldest who also wanted to build a new box.
-Intel 2011-v3 (6 processors – 12 cores)
-32 GB DDR 4
-M2 – 256 GB SSD
-Nvidia 780 Ti (6GB)
-Loads of SSD’s and HD’s
-New case
-New Power supply
-Other small stuff…

So a stout box.

The problem I had was do I got to Windows 10 or do I stick with Windows 8 which had been a pretty damn rock solid OS? Eh, I threw caution to the wind and installed Windows 10.

It went on pretty nice. No issues. I made sure all my drivers and new hardware were listed as compatible with my new system and the MSI motherboard I went with had Windows 10 drivers. Installed Windows 10 and all the drivers, smooth. No issues at all.

That said, as I have been using Windows 10 I noticed some… quirks.

1 – Windows 10 will just randomly shut down. No warning. No nothing. Just POOF! Gone! What the hell is that all about?

2 – Windows update – well, this is something that needs to be addressed. I noticed as I was installing updates for office, I would see the updates in Windows update but when I tried to install them some of them would just vanish from the update screen like they were not needed. I would re-boot and there they were again! WTH is that all about?

3 – Windows Store – don’t even get me started. This is a mess at a level where MS should just farm it out to Apple. Seriously. Just buy Apple and get their engineers to do the work. I tried to install the Netflix app… yeah… that sucked. Still can’t use the damn thing.

4 – Random Start menu issues – I like my icons small in the Windows Start Menu. I had all my shortcuts setup and done just the way I like them. I rebooted last night and all the icons were large again and scatted all over the Start Menu! WHAT! Please… someone fix this.

5 – Search – yeah, that didn’t go to well. My search would not work. If you are having the same issue my buddy Craig sent me a Powershell script you can use to get it working. Pain in the ass if you ask me. Shouldn’t search just work?

Here’s the PS script if you need it: Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

6 – Cortana – well she just decided just to not show up at all. I think she went to her mothers. I had to install language packs, change language settings, and do some other stuff to get her “back home”. Crazy!

I would hate to see the bug list MS has. This OS is NOT ready for the mass distribution it has started. I would have went with Windows 8 on the new box if I had known about these issues. Windows 10 feels more like a RC release and I’m sure MS will sort this out at some point but waiting for that to happen is a pain in the ass. I have held all my other machines at Windows 8.1 until Windows 10 is more settled. This random shutdown thing has me all spooked!

Last week – well, besides trying to get my new Windows 10 box stable I was sick as a dog and then I fell (tripped over the damn fan) and with my well documented back issues here on the site it took me a couple of days to even stand-up straight. It sucked.

So, I am back and I will be posting as usual. Sorry for the quick exit over the last couple of weeks but sometimes life just wants to kick you in the ass and let you know it’s in charge.

Later – Dave.

04 Jul 2015

Happy 4th Everyone! 

Lordy... have the last two weeks been NUTS! 

10 May 2015

Wow... what I just experienced was one of those life moments you never forget. 

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