16 Apr 2014

If you have been around this site for a while you know about my back issues. As time has progressed they have gotten worse and last week they hit a peak.

I was driving home from work and my left leg went numb. It scared the hell out of me and I thought I would not be able to get home as I could not clutch the car anymore. I shook my leg and moved around in my seat and was able to to get some feel back in my leg and was able to finally get home.

To say it scared the hell out of me is an understatement. I really thought I was not going to be able to walk on my left leg, never-mind that I was not going to be able to clutch my car to get back to work.

22 Feb 2014

Well that was like a first for me! 

I feel so...so... violated! 

Marcel ping me on Skype and asked if the site was down. I had not idea cause I was out and about... taking a nap... and when I awoke from my sleepy slumber I noticed the site was INDEED down! 


So, I immediately (after I located the number via Google knows all website) for the support line for the hosting company and gave them a friendly jingle. 

The support guy answered the phone and I said, like really nicely, 'WTF! My site is down! I want a free month! You promised 99.9 uptime you f'ing morons! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!" 

ddos attack 1

But I said it all in a REALLY nice yell! Seriously... I used my nice yell voice. 

Anyway, come to find out the data center where the site is hosted was under a DDOS attack! I asked if they needed backup. I and the Mustang could be at the data center post haste, guns a-blazing! (Virtual guns...like a BFG from DOOM or something...). They declined but promised to keep me informed of their progress in dealing with the online vigilantes who had caused me and Marcel so much grief! 

So... it looks like the site is back. Douchebags dealt with. Hope the NSA beats them with a wet hose.

Later - I have to go and finish mowing the lawn... LOL... na... I have to go and eat steak. Man need meat who build website’s! 

Later - Digital 


01 Jan 2014

Well... I was just informed! I have received my 11th concurrent Microsoft MVP award!

I would like to thank The Microsoft Academy Awards (hey... this is my speech) for the HONOR of being able to represent them over the past year.

10 Dec 2013

So, I was considering taking the day off as I have had enough of my car be wreaked by things I have no control over. 

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