Poor management of admin accounts puts businesses at risk

Yeah... this is one of those areas a lot of Admin's think "eh.... I'll get to it... sometime...maybe..."

Login details for an administrator or other privileged account falling into the wrong hands can have serious consequences for a business.

But a new global security survey from Dell reveals that organizations have haphazard processes for managing administrative or other privileged accounts, making them vulnerable to security breaches.

Among the findings are that 76 percent of IT security professionals believe better control of privileged accounts would reduce the likelihood of a breach. Nearly 80 percent of respondents have a defined process for managing privileged accounts, but admit they aren't diligent about following it. In fact, almost 30 percent say they still use manual processes such as Excel or other spreadsheets to manage privileged accounts. Not only are these processes prone to error and easily compromised, they can impede quick resolution in time-critical situations.

The three most critical account management issues are listed as, default admin passwords on hardware and software not being consistently changed (37 percent), multiple admins sharing a common set of credentials (37 percent), and an inability to consistently identify individuals responsible for administrator activities (31 percent). 

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