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Microsoft pulls botched patch KB 3114409 that triggered problems with Outlook 2010

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Not sure how many of you are still using Outlok 2010 but, if you are you might want to be aware of this patch issue.

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday update KB 3114409, intended to help admins keep Outlook 2010 from starting in safe mode, has in fact done the opposite. Many Outlook 2010 customers report that installing KB 3114409 forces Outlook to start in safe mode.

As of early Wednesday morning, the patch has been pulled, but if you're experiencing odd problems with Outlook 2010 -- it opens in safe mode only (always opens maximized and has no sounds, no reading pane, or other view settings that stick), has broken templates, and much more -- you should look at the KB 3114409 article for instructions on how to remove the patch.

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And you should reflect on how a patch this destructive ever made it through internal testing.

For those of you on Windows 10's forced upgrade treadmill, note that Microsoft has pulled the patch, so you won't be forced to install it again. 

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