Windows 10 tip: Temporarily delay the Creators Update

After what I had to deal with when the Anniversary Edition came out, I think I'll wait on this one for a bit. Here's how to delay the "Creators Update" for up to four months (and longer if you use the REGHACK they show you).

Sometime in April, Microsoft's update servers will begin delivering the Windows 10 Creators Update to current installations of Windows 10 that have been running for at least 30 days.

With hundreds of millions of PCs to update, this rollout could take a while.

And that update is a big one: roughly 3GB in size. Although setup should be quick (less than 60 minutes) on reasonably fast hardware, you might want to wait. Maybe you're traveling and don't want to deal with a major upgrade just now. Or maybe you just want to watch what happens to other people before you commit. 

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