Microsoft Promising To Enhance Windows Server 2016 Remote Management

Glad they went with the GUI!

Microsoft claims to be working on a new remote management option for Windows Server 2016 users.

This option will permit IT pros to remotely manage the Server Core option of Windows Server 2016 without having to make a painful deployment choice. For instance, IT pros running Windows Server 2016 currently need to choose between running the Server Core option or the graphical user interface (GUI) option of Windows Server 2016. Alternatively, they can opt to run the Nano Server minimal-footprint option.

In the recent past, though, users had the option to simply switch between Server Core and GUI modes, as was possible with the Windows Server 2012 R2 product. However, Microsoft pulled that capability during the early development of Windows Server 2016. At the time, Microsoft had explained that it was giving back the GUI (which it had wanted to pull from Windows Server 2016), but in doing so, the flexibility to swap modes between Server Core and the GUI had to be sacrificed. 

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