Get Back the WinX power user menu Control Panel Post Creators Udpate

As MS moves more and more of the old school Control Panel to the "Settings" area in Windows 10, some folks are a bit peeved when they discover MS has actually REMOVED the Control Panel shortcut from the WinX Power User Menu post the Creators Update and would like to have it back. This guide will show you how to do it.

Prior to the Creators Update rollout last month, I did a refresh of my Windows iClick Herenstallation to shake out a few nagging problems. After the refresh, I noticed that Microsoft did me the very unhelpful favor of removing the Control Panel in the WinX power user menu that appears when you right-click Start or tap the Windows key + X keyboard shortcut. The Control Panel was replaced, of course, with the Settings app.

I understand that Microsoft is slowly moving the Control Panel's functionality over to Settings. Even so, the Control Panel is still very necessary, and I'd much rather have it in the WinX menu than Settings right now.

Here's how to switch back. First, you need a Control Panel shortcut. Instead of creating your own, download a pre-made shortcut from German-language blog (ZIP). Unzip the folder and put the Control Panel link on your desktop. 

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Last modified on Sunday, 21 May 2017 16:39

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