Enhancing the “Open Command Prompt here” Context Menu experience

If you are like me and are missing the "Right Click CMD - Open Here" when you are in a folder, then this article is for you. It even allows you to add PowerShell and GIT, if you like. The nice thing about doing it this way is you can remove the settings if you don't like the way it performs, or works for that matter. Registry settings are included in the article.

For decades, you've been able to hold down [Shift] and Right-Click on a folder (or the background of a folder) to get a "Open Command Prompt here" option. ("Copy as path" is also on this menu)

I recently also discovered, that you can open any program using the folder as the current folder by typing a command (e.g. cmd.exe or powershell.exe) in the Address Bar.

In the Windows 10 Creators Update, the default shell is being changed to PowerShell ("Open PowerShell here") -- in light that PowerShell is a more comprehensive shell than CMD. 

Read more - Click Here to get the code.

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