The top 10 Configuration Manager 2012 installation mistakes - part one

Microsoft's configuration manager picking up steam pretty much across the world.

If you're considering installing or using configuration manager this two-part article will definitely help you get it right the first time. 

As a consultant, I find that I’m asked to take a look at things *after* the fact, rather than before. Rather than spending a few hours helping iron out a good plan and ensure a higher probability of a successful implementation ,most customers appear to prefer spending days (or weeks) finding the mistakes and fixing them; or trying to fix them.

Sometimes the only option to remedy a bad implementation is to do it all over, often with painful cleaning-up in between. That’s not a situation most of us want to be in. So, I thought I’d share a “Top 10” list of the things I’ve encountered over the years, from Configuration Manager 2003 to now, because the same mistakes seem to continue on without regards to the version upgrades.

Some of you might wonder why a consultant like me would bother offering advice that could lead to fewer calls for help. Fair enough. But maybe it will shift the focus, and the priority, back to where it should have been in the first place: Planning and Preparation. Consultants are actually better suited for this phase than for the post-installation troubleshooting phase. 


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