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Hey, I'm always looking for tips and tricks when it comes to Active Directory.

This is another VERY cool script if you want to gather mobile phone numbers via a PowerShell script when users login to there account. 

This is a pretty neat script and when combined with the Exchange Webservices tool allows your users to use their mobile device to reset their passwords themselves. 

Welp, another reason to make sure you have SOLID Admins on staff.

A recently disclosed flaw in Active Directory could allow an attacker to bypass security measures in a system to change users' passwords.

To say Windows is a huge platform is an understatement. At a high level it seems so large because everything tends to work together in a way that makes sense for both administrators and employees alike. But when securing information becomes the task at hand, it can quickly become a daunting exercise in futility.

PowerShell is becoming THE language to learn (and I mean really LEARN!)

I know more and more Admin's are looking at this as a way to alleviate some of the load, infrastructure cost, and support costs associated with supporting an active directory infrastructure so, this article might be worth a read for some of you. 

If you are one of the MANY companies who need to add and then manage iOS devices within your AD and simply do not know how, this article should help.