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Yeah... this is one of those areas a lot of Admin's think "eh.... I'll get to it... sometime...maybe..."

Webmin - Admin for Unix and Linux

Man, I remember using this WAY back in the day! I have to say, if you are new to Linux admin this might be something you want to check out as it makes administrating Liunx /Unix WAY simpler!

Let me help you all out here.
Administrator - never ending work - no one ever says 'thank you' - YOU are to blame!

'Rogue clouds' giving IT staffs nightmares

No kidding. Man... that kind of stuff can keep Admin's up at night. 

Why Programmers Work At Night

Cause no one bugs us! Even the cats are asleep! 

A: Once Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) policies are applied to a machine, they remain even after the mailboxes that required the policies are removed. This is because you could have multiple mailboxes that required the policies. The good news is the policies can be reset using the following actions: 

Downgrading an Exchange 2010 Server

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 comes in two versions: enterprise and standard. The biggest difference between the two versions is the higher price charged for the enterprise edition because of its ability to support one hundred mounted databases per server whereas the standard edition can handle just five.

A: Yes. Installing Windows PowerShell 3.0 doesn't remove 2.0 if it was already installed. However, if PowerShell 1.0 was installed, then the installation of PowerShell 2.0 or 3.0 will remove the 1.0 installation.