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So it seems the Windows Power Rangers (I call the DEV's at MS that) have come out and said, once and for all, the CMD line is NOT being removed. Just "shuffled around a bit".

I love Field Engineering articles as they tell it like it is vs. the standard MS FAQ. For me personally it really helps me better understand the utility.

Did you all know today is PowerShell appreciation day? Yep! All PowerShell users are required (by law I believe) to write the PowerShell Team a nice note letting them know they have made ALL the Windows Admins lives easier yet SO much more complicated.

As I am moving more and more into "the cloud" and virtualization at a REALLY hardcore level (really low level stuff) I'm reading more and more of these types of articles. 

Huh. I have a couple of buddies who use XenServer. Wonder if they know about this?

Well, this will sure make things a little easier for the DEV's.

Holy Cow! This is some cool code folks and one I KNOW the Admi's and PS folks would love to have in the old Power Shell Kit.

So, this is one of those spreadsheets any Admin who works with GPO's needs to have on hand.

Well, nice to know it's been fixed.

I think most of you admin's know by now Windows 10 "Anniversary Editon" has removed some of the GP stuff you are use to setting via GP for PRO cleints. This page has all the udpates you need to know about and some helpful links you might need. 

Well now...this might help a few out. 

So it seems MS has a new update (patch) schedule for you all. This article also contains a download link for what I am calling an "up to date SP" for Windows 7 AND Windows 8 meaning; you can download the entire pack and forgo Windows update on new system builds! So, so SWEET! Oh, and this also applies to Windows Server 2008 R2! 

For the Windows Admin folks in the house. If you are getting ready to drop patches (or have already) and are experiencing GP issues, this might explain it and also might help fix it.

This was sent to me by a fellow MVP and I thought some of you might be interested in it.