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Ya know, I was just as curious as I'm sure you all are. What DOES happen? Let's find out.

So, this article is for the Windows Admin and Virtualization folks. It has nothing to do with you as an end-user. No program to download. Nothing to tweak.

Basically, no patches at all except for some Adobe and Office stuff. Incredible! Right?

Like a lot of you out there, I run into this all the time (yesterday as a matter of fact) especially when it comes to redundancy of SQL DB's. I know I put "three part series" but only two are out right now. I'm looking forward to the third. Very good info here especially for those who manage storage and replication.

This was a fascinating article I read from start to finish and I will replicate in my "lab" environment just so I can see it for myself. Fascinating problem with a pretty interesting solution. Highly recommended for all you Admin's who manage large to Enterprise level DNS AD integrated servers.

I am amazed at how often I get asked this question especially around the holiday's. Most people buy only one PC for the kids and the KIDS don't want to share the same desktop (backgrounds, wallpaper, etc...). This article will assist in showing you how to setup those profiles. 

I travel a bit (not as much as I use to but I still do) and I tell ya, I have run into this issue more than once. Nice to know someone finally found a solution. If you travel for business, or even pleasure, you might want to remember this especially for those Hotel wi-fi's.

Oh yes, a Swapfile is different than a Pagefile so, if you want to learn more about this particular "memory management" subsystem well on.

So it seems the Windows Power Rangers (I call the DEV's at MS that) have come out and said, once and for all, the CMD line is NOT being removed. Just "shuffled around a bit".

I love Field Engineering articles as they tell it like it is vs. the standard MS FAQ. For me personally it really helps me better understand the utility.

Did you all know today is PowerShell appreciation day? Yep! All PowerShell users are required (by law I believe) to write the PowerShell Team a nice note letting them know they have made ALL the Windows Admins lives easier yet SO much more complicated.

As I am moving more and more into "the cloud" and virtualization at a REALLY hardcore level (really low level stuff) I'm reading more and more of these types of articles. 

Huh. I have a couple of buddies who use XenServer. Wonder if they know about this?

Well, this will sure make things a little easier for the DEV's.