A Simple Test - What Browser Uses The LEAST Memory?

One of the things annoying me as of late is the "sloppyness" of Firefox. It seems to crash a hell of a lot and, on some webpages, it seems to slow the hell out of my system for some reason. When I went and looked at the memory consumption (Right Click the "Taskbar" - Choose Task Manager - select More Details and look at the CPU utilization and Memory consumption) I was really shocked at how much memory and CPU consumption Firefox seems to be sucking from my beloved desktop system. 

As you can see this is not some sloppy system: 

- CPU - 6 Core 2011 3.2 GHz Processor
- 32 GB of RAM 
- Asus 2011 Workstation MB 
- NVIDIA 690 Video Card (still seems to hold it's own! Will be getting an upgrade later this year!) 

I, like a lot of folks, have been using Chrome as my default browser as it just seems to preform better. I also have taken into consideration the "plug-ins" and Chrome has about the same (if not more) plugins installed as Firefox does. 

Now this is not meant to be some sort of in-depth review of "the core" of the browsers, but more of an FYI for you all out there. 

Chrome really does seem to be the "go to" browser these days but, as we all know, things change fast.

As a LONG TIME firefox user I'm truly hoping the folks at Mozilla get with it and get this memory footprint under control. 

I also would like to acknowledge the Opera browser but, as I said above, I need to take into account the add-ons each browser hosts. Opera has almost none as I use it more for old times sake vs. my day to day web browsing. It has trouble with Office 365 and some other web sites I visit daily. I'm by NO MEANS stating it's not a good browser, it's just not my default choice. 

web page memory article

Damn! That's a HUGE difference! 

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