Speed up Chrome and save bandwidth with Google’s new Data Saver extension

I've tried to use these "bandwidth compressors" before with varying results. But, if you are in a crappy cell area this might be worth a shot. 

Next time you’re saddled with a data cap or have to suffer through poor Wi-Fi, connecting to the Internet might not be as much of a chore if you browse with Chrome and the proper add-on. Earlier this week, Google quietly released Data Saver (Beta), an extension that routes traffic through the cloud to improve connectivity.

As on Android, Data Saver for Chrome reduces bandwidth usage by compressing the pages you visit. Google servers act as traffic intermediaries, intercepting and optimizing websites before they reach your browser. Similar services are found in many popular mobile browsers, which makes sense; cellular connectivity is hardly consistent, and many smartphone users are stuck on restrictive data plans. Use cases for laptops and PCs are harder to envision, but users with poor connection speeds stand to benefit slightly. 

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