Chrome starts pushing Java off the Web by disabling plugins

This might start to make a few Corporations think twice about using Chrome, at least until they can get rid of the older JAVA code. 

Chrome 42, released to the stable channel today, will take a big step toward pushing old browser plugins, including Java and Silverlight, off the Web. Those plugins use a 1990s-era API called NPAPI ("Netscape Plugin API") to extend the browser, and with Chrome 42, that API is now off by default.

For the time being, end users who really need to use these plugins will still be able to do so. The browser has a setting to re-enable the API, and administrators will be able to use Chrome's enterprise policies to enable it to do that. However, this is time limited: in September, Google plans to remove NPAPI support entirely. Chrome on Linux removed support in version 35, and its mobile browsers don't support it either. 

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