First Vulnerability Found in Microsoft Edge "the magnitude of this vulnerability is unprecedented"

Damn... this is one hell of problem. 

At the Black Hat USA 2015 conference in Las Vegas, a team of security experts led by Jonathan Brossard have presented a vulnerability in the Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) protocol used for sharing files in local networks.

The vulnerability affects all version of Windows, including the newer Windows 10, and can be exploited via the Internet, something researchers thought as impossible.

SMB is a 21-years-old protocol created by IBM, which allows for sharing files and printers inside a network. Since its creation, it has evolved and reached version 3.0, which now ships with most Windows OS instances.

The protocol is used most of the times in enterprise networks, working together with the NTLMv2 authentication algorithm, which allows users to quickly authenticate themselves on Windows servers. 

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