Millions of Firefox users vulnerable to browser extension flaw

Oh goodie! Well, let's see....close Chrome...yep...all good.

Security researchers have warned that hundreds of popular extensions for the Firefox browser have exposed millions of users to hack attacks.

Researchers from the Northeastern University in Boston discovered a flaw that allows hackers to stealthily execute malicious code hiding behind a seemingly benign extension, such as NoScript and Firebug, and steal data.

The flaw is attributed to a weakness in Firefox’s extension structure, which fails to isolate various browser add-ons. This allows them to connect to the capabilities of other popular third-party extensions.

"These vulnerabilities allow a seemingly innocuous extension to reuse security-critical functionality provided by other legitimate, benign extensions to stealthily launch confused deputy-style attacks," the researchers wrote in a paper presented at Singapore’s Black Hat security conference. 

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