How to make use of (Microsoft) Edge’s nifty reading features

Not a fan of the Edge browser myself but a lot of people are and with the recent enhancements from the Creators Update the "Reading" aspect has been enhanced even further.

If you’ve been using Edge for a while, you may have noticed a “book” icon in the address bar on some sites.

This page, for example, should have one. If you tap that icon, Edge automatically reformats the page for you into a stripped down version which removes ads, comments and all other clutter with the exception of the article itself.

There’s even a little timer that tells you how long it takes you read an article – assuming average reading speed.
Right clicking on any area of the screen exposes a few options allowing you to change the size of the text and the background from black, to white, to sepia.

You can try it out on any website that supports it by looking for the aforementioned “book” icon. 

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