Microsoft will release a 'secured' Edge browser for Windows 10 biz users

Mozilla (Firefox) does this and has for years. It's nice to see MS doing it also. Makes my job a LOT easier.

Microsoft is gearing up to release a 'secured' version of its Edge browser for Windows 10 Enterprise users, designed to help prevent businesses succumbing to malware distributed via compromised web pages.

The tech is included in Microsoft's latest Insider Preview build, released to enterprise users in the Fast Ring, and comes after Microsoft announced plans for the improved security last September.

The browser will effectively run within its own Hyper-V virtual machine, Windows Defender Application Guard for Windows 10 Enterprise, in order to isolate it from the rest of the operating system.

In order to try it out, users will first need to turn on Windows Defender Application Guard in the Windows Features settings and then restart their machines. Once the PC has restarted, users need to open Edge and click on "New Application Guard window" after which a new version of Edge will open with Windows Defender Application Guard enabled. 

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