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Yeah, it seemed this update was pretty stout!

This might start to make a few Corporations think twice about using Chrome, at least until they can get rid of the older JAVA code. 

I've tried to use these "bandwidth compressors" before with varying results. But, if you are in a crappy cell area this might be worth a shot. 

One of the things annoying me as of late is the "sloppyness" of Firefox. It seems to crash a hell of a lot and, on some webpages, it seems to slow the hell out of my system for some reason. When I went and looked at the memory consumption (Right Click the "Taskbar" - Choose Task Manager - select More Details and look at the CPU utilization and Memory consumption) I was really shocked at how much memory and CPU consumption Firefox seems to be sucking from my beloved desktop system. 

Ian Morris of Forbes has discovered that Google's Chrome browser for Windows can drain a laptop's battery. The problem was first reported back in 2010, and Google is just now getting around to addressing the problem.

Hands-free Google Voice Search in Chrome

Hmmm... might have to try this.
If you've ever tried to cook and search at the same time—say, when your hands are covered in flour and you need to know how many ounces are in a cup—you know it can be tricky.

Man... Google needs to get this fixed!

One of the coolest things about Chrome is the silent, automatic updates that always ensure that users are always running the latest version.

Hmmm... I installed it yesterday and I have say I like the new and improved Chrome. It a good hug. Thanks Google. Thanks for the hug. I needed that today.