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Hmmm... I use Firefox. I guess I'm a worker. Sweet!

Oh goodie! Well, let's see....close Chrome...yep...all good.

Uh-Oh...I've been using Chrome and Vivaldi as my main browsers but I still use FF from time to time and now I might use it just a bit less. I mean...WOW!

One of the things annoying me as of late is the "sloppyness" of Firefox. It seems to crash a hell of a lot and, on some webpages, it seems to slow the hell out of my system for some reason. When I went and looked at the memory consumption (Right Click the "Taskbar" - Choose Task Manager - select More Details and look at the CPU utilization and Memory consumption) I was really shocked at how much memory and CPU consumption Firefox seems to be sucking from my beloved desktop system. 

I normally don't put browser updates up on the site as they come so fast these days and you are automatically notified anyway. 

SWEET! I love me some new "Add-Ons".

Huh... I use FF all the time. I also use Google Chrome so...

First I heard of it.
Multiple employees at Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browser, have called for the resignation of the new chief executive after it was found he financially backed efforts to ban equal marriage in California.

Firefox 27.0.1 - Released! See what's new!

You can download the latest and greatest from here OR...

Downloading SpeedyFox 2.0.6

OF COURSE I want to make FF faster! Don't you?