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Dot Net Vs JAVA Funniest Video Ever

OMG! I just watched this and I swear, if you are in IT and know about JAVA and MS (.NET) you will laugh so hard you cry (I did!).

This might start to make a few Corporations think twice about using Chrome, at least until they can get rid of the older JAVA code. 

Yes, yes it does.
Software tool vendors are complaining that recent updates to Java are breaking their environments.

Java Critical Patch Update April 15

Update time!
This Critical Patch Update Pre-Release Announcement provides advance information about the Oracle Critical Patch Update for April 2014, which will be released on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

Awesome! I wonder how many times I get to re-boot?

Damn... now that NOT something to be proud of!

Timely as I just got out of a meeting about JAVA.

More good news for Oracle. Damn people... FIX IT!