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Some ideas you hear about in the tech world are so “now” that it’s like they were birthed by popular culture itself. Others make you feel like you’re living in the future. Guess which category the world’s first smart sensor and drone-based home security system falls under.

I'm really not all that surprised. I think the public is not getting the picture that bad guys exist and they are after their "digital self".

I've posted a few of these up here but this one is a step-by-step with screen shots and all! Good for Mom and Dad and maybe even Grandma and Grandpa! Thanks Dave for the link! 

A pretty good article on how to keep yourself safe if you have to use a public wi-fi (like at the airport, etc...)

I run ESET and I have noticed no slowdown.

That's what we call in the industry a "tech boner!" And this dude popped a BIG ASS ONE!

And number on is? Oh come on... guess!

A bug SO BAD we blocked it at work.