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Huh...pretty interesting.

Damn... this is one hell of problem. 

No kidding. Hmmm... wonder if they worked on the memeory hog issue.

Uh-Oh...I've been using Chrome and Vivaldi as my main browsers but I still use FF from time to time and now I might use it just a bit less. I mean...WOW!

Well... good riddance for all I care. 

Well, at least IE is going away. That browser... I tell ya...

Yeah, it seemed this update was pretty stout!

This might start to make a few Corporations think twice about using Chrome, at least until they can get rid of the older JAVA code. 

I've actually used it over the past couple of weeks and I have to say, it's really not bad at all. I like the way it's heading. 

I've tried to use these "bandwidth compressors" before with varying results. But, if you are in a crappy cell area this might be worth a shot. 

One of the things annoying me as of late is the "sloppyness" of Firefox. It seems to crash a hell of a lot and, on some webpages, it seems to slow the hell out of my system for some reason. When I went and looked at the memory consumption (Right Click the "Taskbar" - Choose Task Manager - select More Details and look at the CPU utilization and Memory consumption) I was really shocked at how much memory and CPU consumption Firefox seems to be sucking from my beloved desktop system. 

I normally don't put browser updates up on the site as they come so fast these days and you are automatically notified anyway. 

Welp, we all get a new patch! Sweet!

I'm a bit curious also. Wonder how it did? Let's all read this together shall we.