No kidding! I thought AMD was only doing video cards now. Huh...interesting.

AMD unveils world’s first 5GHz CPU

Uh... well...sorta.

Uh-Oh... not goot AMD. Not good at all!

I was reading about this late last night and I have to say I was pretty damn impressed with this video card.

Samsung To Allegedly Acquire AMD

DAMN! This means, if Samsung DOES buy AMD I have a shot at a NOTE 5 with a AMD processor with an AMD graphics sub-system. I think I might cry from happiness.

AMD To Slash Price Of R9 295X2 By $500

SWEET! I have an ilder NVIDIA 690 and have ZERO plans of getting rid of it, but still... a cool shot across the bow of NVIDIA from AMD.

Damn... AMD needs to get some new architecture in the old pipeline.

AMD reveals the dual-processor R9 295X2

Damn nice looking card.
Hot on the heels of the Nvidia GTX Titan Z, AMD has revealed its own dual-processor GPU behemoth – the R9 295X2.

I'm glad to see AMD is still aggressively chasing Intel.