AMD Announces New AM1 Platform

Have not hard from AMD in a while. Nice to see they are still in business.

Well, this is pretty cool. A 16 core chip? I might be interested in that! 

AMD Exposes Mantle - A New Hardware Level API

Hmmm... AMD seems to be REALLY pushing into the graphics world WAY more than before.

No kidding... damn... that's like 300 LESS than the NVIDIA!

A very nice video from the NewEgg folks who show you WHAT a RAMDisk actually is and how you can use a new product they have introduced to get the most of of your system!

Wow...and that's an APU! Not bad AMD... not bad...

It seems there's some problems, unfortunately for you AMD users out there running the latest game Metro: last light.

AMD Now A Gaming Company!

AMD has decided they are now a gaming company.

Well, it's finally here! The long awaited AMD FX-4350 and FX 6350 processors have been released to the masses.