I do this year-by-year. I never knew they had a two year.

You have got to be kidding me....
Like all good things, gaming is best enjoyed responsibly, although as with anything else, many of us over-indulge our gaming appetites from time to time.

Welp... here's what I heard. 
IF you can be up at 8:00 am Eastern, tomorrow AM you MIGHT be able to score a DAY ONE XBOX over on Amazon. 

What’s new with Xbox One SmartGlass?

It got smarter? Sure... lets go with that.

DAMN! Now that's some games for sale!

So...is it like an XBOX Fairy comes to my house and touches my XBOX and makes it see real money now and not points?

We say "thank you" with free games

Playing now....
Games with Gold: free games through the end of the year. You know the drill. For the rest of 2013, we're giving you two free Xbox 360 games a month.*

So... it begins!
Microsoft has thrown open applications for its next Xbox Live beta, giving Xbox 360 gamers the opportunity to have early access to the new Microsoft Points replacement and more. The 2013 Xbox Live Update for Xbox 360 Public Beta will see a trial switch-over to local currency for downloads and purchases, Microsoft’s Major Nelson writes, in addition to performance improvements.

Hmmm... wonder if the sales numbers got to them. Whoever convinced the people up top that this was a good idea should be fired, or never be listen to again.

Kinect for Xbox One in action!

This video is the technical side of the XBOX and how the new Connect will detect you and then present it to the system.