The Church (Humor)

Clean and it made me giggle.

Wednesday Humor - Jokes

Honestly, all of these are pretty funny.

Question: What should this man do?

So, should he quit smoking OR, quit littering?

Husband Store - Humor

If this isn't a guy joke only, I don't know what is. I laughed and thought you might also. Oh, and it's a "clean" joke.

Truly I do not need to explain this. Just watch the video. 

Irish Cops vs. Lawyers (Humor)

I enjoyed this one. 

Larry the Fighter Pilot - Humor

I just laughed out loud. 

Humor - The Dentist

This was just cute. I liked it.

Neighbors - Humor

I like this one. I can see this happening. 

Did you all see this story? I read it and I was like: WHAT!