This might be something, especailly you SMB's, might be interested in checking out.

Hmmm...might come in handy.

Personal Backup

Very cool! This backup program will allow you backup your files, pretty much anywhere, allowing them to be safe and sound for the long haul. Oh... and it's free!

So, most you (since you visit this site often) already know about most of these programs but, at the same time if you or a loved one got a new PC or laptop this holiday you might want to check out some of these programs.

Damn... no brainer... upgrading now.

Some good tips here for those who own Small Businesses.

I list this webpage because us Windows 7 and Windows 8 user need utilities to fix certain issues from time to time and this page has a hell of a lot of them.

10 New Android Apps That You Must Try

Hmmm... some pretty good ones.
If you are looking for some new apps for your Android smartphone but need some inspiration, then look no further than our collection of the ten best new apps that were released last month.

Remove XP End of Life 1.0

Remove Windows XP End of Life Message Utility can be used to remove the Windows XP end of life error messages that you get after you have installed the Windows updates that apply them.

I actually have a need for this little utility.