24 Jul 2014

By now you all know I have been in this business for a LONG time (19 years... Jesus...) and have been running a version of this website for a LONG time.

As such, I get emails from folks who would like for me to speak about everything from what is BitCoin to what's my favorite FTP application. 

Recently, I had a Small Business email me asking my thought's on how they could upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7. My first question back to them was "why not Windows 8?" There response was: "Windows 8? We heard it was for tablets!" I asked them if they had actually see or looked at Windows 8 and they sorta "duh'd me" and said: "Of course we did! It was on a tablet!" I think they saw the Surface.

Now weare speaking of a SMB (Small Business for those who don't know what SMB means) and while I assume EVERYONE knows about Window 8, really most SMB's don't! They know, well what they know... and that's pretty much what's in front of them or what they see at the local computer store.

09 Apr 2014

Damn... number one on the list just might be a game changer! It'll also save me money on Aleve as I have to take 4 pills damn near every time I open my email! 

16 Oct 2013

So I got up early this morning and decided to take a chance on upgrading to the Windows 8.1 one package (after of course doing a full and complete backup of all of my hard drives). I have a couple of issues, which I get to below, post the Windows 8.1 upgrade.

First off, the upgrade will not come down via the Windows update area in your control panel. You must go to the Metro desktop and opened up the Windows store. As soon as you open the Windows store you should see a rather large area saying that the Windows 8.1 update is available.

Now I am on the East Coast so I'm not sure if it's going to be available on the West Coast yet but it should be.

First off, the upgrade went really well. I was actually very surprised at how well the upgrade actually did on my system. I have raided SSD drives, plus a couple of other raid hard drive setups which I was a little scared of from a driver perspective. As soon as my system rebooted I was quickly relieved to see that all of my drivers were working correctly. 

Issues I encountered:

Really the only issues I encountered were from third-party software which I had running on the system. For instance I use the Stardock menu replacement system and I simply had to upgrade to the latest release.

30 Sep 2013

Hello All,

It's been a while since I had the chance to sit back with a hot cup of coffee and speak to you all.

I know it's been a little slow around here but I have been working my buttocks off installing and configuring exchange 2013 servers (we're virtualizing the entire mail system) and it has been... challenging.

If you were around here on Saturday, you would have caught some tweets from me at about 1:00 am in morning. I was installing yet another exchange server, this time in my test lab attempting to replicate this very new and some would even say 'radical' way of handling an entire companies mail system. 

I would LOVE to share some of what we are doing but my current contract does not allow for that.

12 Apr 2013

You have got to be kidding me....


Happy Friday to ME!!!!



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