It's been slow around here...but....

Hello All,

It's been a while since I had the chance to sit back with a hot cup of coffee and speak to you all.

I know it's been a little slow around here but I have been working my buttocks off installing and configuring exchange 2013 servers (we're virtualizing the entire mail system) and it has been... challenging.

If you were around here on Saturday, you would have caught some tweets from me at about 1:00 am in morning. I was installing yet another exchange server, this time in my test lab attempting to replicate this very new and some would even say 'radical' way of handling an entire companies mail system. 

I would LOVE to share some of what we are doing but my current contract does not allow for that.

I can tell you if you are going to try what we are trying to accomplish, you need to understand three areas like the back of your hand:

1 - The Virtualized Platform you are running on. All the 'ins and out's' need to be addressed and known.

2 - Understand virtualizing exchange requires a completely different setup, and balance, vs. installing it on straight-up hardware where exchange has access to ALL the resources.

3 - Just because you can virtualize something, doesn't mean you should. I can tell you if I had my way we would be 'load sharing' between flat hardware and virtualization but, I don't sign my check so what he client wants... the client gets. Just make sure they understand WHAT they are getting into. Mine does, so... we do it.

As far as the Podcast goes, we will be back next week. As I said when I brought the PC back, we would be doing 4-5 shows then a week off. All of us are SUPER busy right now but we really love just speaking with each other once a week thus the reason we love to do the PC.

Also, NEXT week we have a beyond full house. Marcel has invited (and they have accepted from what I have been told) a couple of Tech from ESET (NOD Anti-Virus) which I have used! I am so excited to speak to them and ask them all the questions I have been thinking about for the last... what... 10 years at least?

Anyway, the gang will all be there and I will post it as soon as I can after the show.

Anyhow, I will be doing more posting as my installs are almost wrapped up thus allowing me to be at a PC more than in the data center.

Have a great Monday all and we'll 'see' you in 'The Tube'.



Da Boss!


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