Windows 8.1 - My Upgrade Experience - Quick Review (RAM DISK Users BEWARE!)

So I got up early this morning and decided to take a chance on upgrading to the Windows 8.1 one package (after of course doing a full and complete backup of all of my hard drives). I have a couple of issues, which I get to below, post the Windows 8.1 upgrade.

First off, the upgrade will not come down via the Windows update area in your control panel. You must go to the Metro desktop and opened up the Windows store. As soon as you open the Windows store you should see a rather large area saying that the Windows 8.1 update is available.

Now I am on the East Coast so I'm not sure if it's going to be available on the West Coast yet but it should be.

First off, the upgrade went really well. I was actually very surprised at how well the upgrade actually did on my system. I have raided SSD drives, plus a couple of other raid hard drive setups which I was a little scared of from a driver perspective. As soon as my system rebooted I was quickly relieved to see that all of my drivers were working correctly. 

Issues I encountered:

Really the only issues I encountered were from third-party software which I had running on the system. For instance I use the Stardock menu replacement system and I simply had to upgrade to the latest release.

I also use fences from the same company, Stardock and after the reboot I was unable to move any icons on my desktop. Again, the fix was to download the latest release which I believe is 2.11, install it, reboot and all is well.

The only real problem I have is my very expensive RAMDisk software is now mute. The folks over at Roxio only allow installation on Windows 8.0 and not Windows 8.1. I'm going to have to email their support folks and see if I can get an upgrade or fix. I wish I would've known this ahead of time because all of my browser cache was in a RAMdisk and I was wondering why my browsers were crashing all over the place. Now I know. 

Also, SBS users might want to check out this post. You... will not be happy. I know I would not be. 

Otherwise, the upgrade actually went pretty well.

I do highly recommend that you check with your OEM or motherboard manufacturer and make sure that no specific Windows 8.1 drivers are needed. The way you would know this is you would see a section directly relating to your notebook, desktop system titled Windows 8.1. This is more of a precautionary measure but I highly recommend you do it anyway.

As I said, I just got finished but I wanted to let you all know that even on my pride and joy system the Windows 8.1 upgrade went pretty smooth. It took my system about 30 minutes to complete the upgrade but I got it right when it was released so the download was actually relatively fast.

If you're in the mood to give something a shot, and you own Windows 8.0, you might want to give this a shot. So far Windows 8.1 seems a little bit speedier but otherwise it really 'feels' like Windows 8.0. 

Anyway, good luck to you all.

I will have more on this later after I had some time to play with it.

Later - Dig



Last modified on Saturday, 19 October 2013 13:54

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