11 Apr 2013

When is MS going to get it... bring the Start button back and make metro a slide out.

Can I apply for the Product... Making it not stupid job?

Seriously! I want that job.



Windows 8 is REALLY a good, solid OS! I HATE the fact every time I read an article about how Windows 8 sucks balls, it starts off with the 'no Start Menu.... blah, blah, blah... so Windows 8 sucks.' Hey I was IN that camp until I loaded it on my Desktop and then my ultrabook!

Start Menu Issue - SOLVED! - Well first off, it'll cost you 4.99 (I know, mortgage the house right!) you can get a KILLER Start menu (like a Windows 7 Start Menu on steroids) from the folks at Stardock (yep... THOSE folks who have been screwing with Windows for like... ever) called Start 8. You can check it out here. I personally use this Start menu option (sorry MS but I have to have my Start menu) but if you don't like that one here is an article showing 6 other Start menu programs you can use, hell some of them are free!

But back to my point...

09 Apr 2013

I love Paul. He's my favorite reviewer when it comes to doing the Newegg stuff (the new gig burly guy, 'DOC', they just hired scares the hell out of me!)


Seriously... the guy scares me. I swear I've seen him on a jail show at some point.

Anyway, it seems NewEgg has a beef with Paul and it has to do with a very sensitive area, as I suffer form the same disease, fatism.

Don't believe me?

Check out this nasty ad NewEgg has running to the right of Paul's video.

SO, what is Fatism you may ask?

Fatism is a newly discovered disease where one chooses, say... pizza over a multivitamin or, a cupcake over fruit. It's not that we WANT to eat that scrumptious cupcake or that delectable chocolate covered scone with our Carmel Double Heavy on the foam latte...NO (well...), we simply cannot help it! Honestly, what tastes better: a cupcake or a g**da* multivitamin? I rest my case.

Personally I blame all the cooking shows that are on now, 7x24 of cake, and lobster dripped in butter, tacos made by a real Mexican not some import! I'M TAKING REAL FOOD HERE PEOPLE!

Anyway, as the national spokesman for 'Fatism' I do want to let you know we do accept donations such as, any and all leftover Twinkies, cupcakes, chocolate cakes, anything made by Buddy Valastro (seriously... anything...), etc.... You can drop off your donation with the nearest fat dude in your vicinity. Their always open!

Later... and SHAME ON YOU NEWEGG!!!!

Love, Top Fatty....



P.S. I know I misspelled HARRY in the screen shot... it's part of the disease!!!! TO MANY KUPCAKES MAKES ME STUPED!

10 Apr 2013

Well folks, you asked for it you get it.

I have put together a new section of the site showing the latest posts from ALL the categories on the site.

All you have to do is click on the 'Latest Posts' link (in the left hand column) and you will get a page with all the of the latest posts on the site in one screen.

latest posts

I hope this helps some of you out who do not have all the time in the world to look under all the categories we have have on the site.



10 Apr 2013

nausea smileySo, yesterday I awoke, went downstairs (cause that's where the coffee is), made a 'K' cup of coffee (like THE BEST!), went back up stairs to my office, sat down and started to sweat.

Now it's been hot here in Virginia but still, at 5:30 in the a.m. for me to start sweating well... that's a bit early.

Anyway, all of the sudden I felt like I had to hit the bathroom NOW! I'm sure you all know that feeling. No waiting, like... RUN!

So, about 30 minutes later after producing things from both ends of the human body spectrum I felt like a Mac Truck had just hit me. Out of NO WHERE! I didn't even get to finish my coffee!

So I went to lay down and... no joke... excluding one of the most trying showers of my life (you all know that feeling: so shake you can barley stand...) and a few more trips to the restroom... plus an emergency shower late last night (I'll spare you all the details) I awoke this morning (15 hours LATER!) with back spams from hell (from the trips to the can...) and so tired like I just ran a marathon, but still even with all that this a.m. I actually fell better than I did yesterday. Still not feeling well at all... but at least the dual expulsions from my anatomy seemed to have ceased for the time being.

I'm going to try and get a few posts up and then head back to bed. I'm so sleepy...and my back is killing me.

God I hate the flu.. or whatever this round is.



14 Mar 2013

So, my daughter came to last week, asking me for some help in regards to her banking statement. 

My kids are pretty savvy when it comes to finances since I DEMAND they learn about it between the ages of 16-18. I actually sit with them and go over credit scores, banking statements, checking accounts, interest, and credit cards. I continually teach them about it over the next year so, at the very least, they have a solid understanding of just how important their credit score and staying out of debt actually is.

As she was trying to login she sat there in front of me and stared up at the sky like a lot of us do when we can't remember our passwords.

I asked her if she had a password manager, and she said 'no' so I showed her LastPass. She loved it.

LastPass is a online password manager which is available to you either online or as a plug-in supporting every single browser out there including Opera.

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