08 Mar 2013

I spent 59.00 on the deluxe edition (had a coupon I could not share) and now one of the features I LOVED (the speed up of the time line) is GONE. That was a 'FIX'!

Do you know how may beers I could buy for 59.99? I mean, a good drunk is better than this crap!

02 Jan 2013

This is just... slick as hell!

30 Dec 2012

So I believe you all know by now I took off last Friday to go see my buddy Tod out at his dairy farm which is his place of employment but getting there was a bit of a challenge.

In this first part of the story I describe how technology saved my collective hide last week so that I would be able to tell you all about this amazing dairy farm that is doing something that I had not only never seen but never even heard of and that was how this dairy farm is using the “excess” from their cows to create a clean, renewable energy source that right now runs 50 to 60% of their dairy farm.

As with a lot of GPS systems while I find that 95% of the time they work really well there are those times where they don't and last Friday happen to be one of those times (GPS = Global Piece Of S***!)

When Tod originally sent me the address I thought it would take me no more than an hour to get there and boy was I wrong! As I was about to get ready to leave I punched the address Tod had sent me into Google maps and what I thought was going to take about an hour is going to end up taking over two hours and then I looked at the clock on the wall in my office and I had exactly 2 hours to get there.

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