Turn your house into a smart home – on a budget!

I am seriously looking into this especially since one of my neighbors had this basement flood (his pipes burst) as the heater went out. His basement basically turned into an ice rink all while he was on vacation. If I had something that would email me when the temp or a system went down, even remotely, I could call for help.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of The Jetsons, you’ve no doubt longed for some of the space-age home tech enjoyed by George and his family. Push-button meal dispensers? A car that folds into a briefcase? Rosie the robot-maid? Yes, please.

Alas, much of that stuff remains science fiction, at least for the moment, but there are plenty of high-tech tools available right now that can help turn your house into a smart-home. And you don’t have to be president of Spacely Sprockets to afford it. In fact, if you already own a smartphone, you’re halfway there. Let’s take a look at some of the surprisingly affordable ways to raise your roof’s IQ.


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