Deals! Deals! Deals! - The Folks At Connectify Have Gone NUTS! - 24 hours ONLY!

So, this morning I awoke to what was a clatter. I sprang from my bed to see what the hell was the matter. Away to my computer I sprinted like the Mad Hatter. I sat down, logged in and found what was the matter!

I had received an up from the Connectiy trust. I clicked on the update and stared at the screen. Things began to whirl, and spin, as if it was a dream. As the install finished I noted on my screen the Connectify Trust had sent me a stream. A deal of all deals was staring right at me. 15.00 BUCKS for the good boys and girls. Wait, what you get three of the magic software that has truly saved me? Tell me magic screen how can that be? Well, click on the deal and see if you're right. 15.00 dollars is not a fright.

So, as you can tell I was drinking last night but the deal is astounding and is well worth your sight!

15.00 - Hotspot MAX Lifetime 3x Bundle - SAVE BIG WITH OUR BEST DEAL: Includes a Hotspot MAX license for use on up to 3 computers! Get all of our awesome Hotspot MAX features on 3 PCs for one low price.

12.50 - Hotspot MAX - Get all the features of Hotspot PRO and much more! Hotspot MAX includes powerful, extended features like Bridging Mode and WiFi Repeater Mode to increase the range of your existing network.

8.75 - Hotspot PRO - Turn your PC into a WiFi hotspot and enjoy 3G/4G Sharing, Custom Hotspot Names, Wired Mode, and Advanced Firewall Controls. 

Check out all the deals here! Now someone... get me another beer! 


Last modified on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 16:43

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