3 Utilities and a Script to Recover Licensing Keys In Windows

I was JUST called and asked how one could recover a licensing key for an OEM Windows install and I said "oh...use Magic Jelly Bean Finder."

But then it got me thinking; what other tools could you use? I set out to search for some new key finders and I ran across an article which showed me a couple of new key finders I had not heard of or even tried. 

Oh, and of note: I tried the script they reference on the page on my Windows 10 system and no bueno. 

A fresh Windows installation feels wonderful. Whether you opt for a convenient Reset or reinstall Windows from scratch, remember to back up all your data. Don’t forget to include the serial numbers and product keys of programs you would like to reinstall.

Here we’ll show you how to recover lost product keys or find serial numbers stored on your system, including your Windows product key. 

Check out the utilities here.

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